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Bunny Lines Botox

Bunny Lines Botox

If you smile and have those teeny, tiny little crinkly lines right by the side of your nose, sometimes we call those bunny lines. Is there anything that we can do about bunny nose? Let’s talk about how Botox can maybe treat your those wrinkles on the side of your nose.

This post is about bunny lines Botox.

Bunny Lines Botox

This is not medical advice. Always talk with your own healthcare provider and medical provider for any cosmetic treatment and medical treatments.

Bunny lines, those little teeny tiny lines that crinkle at the bridge of your nose, diagonal lines on the sides of your nose. The appearance of bunny lines are caused by a muscle called the nasals. That muscle kind of reaches right over the bridge of the nose and that muscle interacts with a muscle that goes around your eye called the orbicularis oculi.  

It also interacts very much so with a muscle that pulls your eyebrows down in the middle of your forehead called your procerus. And those muscles, and some people are strong.

Even in some kids you can see when they smile those side of the nose wrinkles come up out of the blue.

Bunny wrinkles can be very cute, but not everyone thinks they’re cute. Some people would like for bunny lines to be treated and make them go away on the sides of the nose. If that is you, the good news is it is a really simple treatment of a couple of Botox units for the appearance of wrinkles.

Depending on how strong that muscle is, it could be anywhere from two to six units on each side of those muscles to help to quiet them down.

Bunny Nose Botox

Sometimes those appearance of bunny lines form on the side of your nose can get stronger if you’ve had a Botox injections done in your upper face for a while.

The nasalis muscle is a recruiter muscle for pulling down on your brow. If you’ve had Botox procedures over years in the middle of your forehead, over time the contraction of the nasalis muscle might start to recruit. It’s helping to try to pull those brows kind of in and down. And so sometimes, even though you haven’t had bunny lines in the past, when we kind of treat the glabella complex or those 11 lines in the middle of the forehead, we can actually cause those bunny lines to form as a new wrinkle.

If they do, we should just treat them with a little bit of Botox.  Effective treatment options with the right amount of Botox is a great solution.

That is due to the interplay between the muscles of the glabellar complex, especially the procerus, the one right in the middle and the nasalis muscle. In addition, when we treat the crow’s feet, typically we’re treating out in the lateral portion of the eye.  Sometimes we get a little eyebrow lift.  Then we treat the lateral portion of the orbicularis oculi that goes around the eye.

That muscle going around the eye is like an O, kind of like a donut or a bagel.

And that muscle when it contracts, it kind of squeezes in.

When it relaxes, it opens up.

Botox On Bunny Lines

If we’re always treating with our Botox treated area over time, that lateral portion and that’s relaxing. Sometimes the portion that’s on this side starts to contract in compensation. It’s just the way that muscles work together with facial movements.

As this side contracts in a little bit of compensation, it can actually recruit that nasalis to become a little bit more prominent from treatment areas.

We sometimes start to see that nasalis develop.  It almost looks like your crow’s feet are kind of extended a little bit on the lower portion, call that that lower fan of the crow’s feet beneath the eye itself.

When that happens, if we actually treat the nasalis, it will relax the lower portion of the crow’s feet. Also, will relax the tension that’s developed medially as we have over time treated the lateral portion of the

orbicularis oculi.  

So remember, muscles go together.

We can’t treat muscles in isolation.  Sometimes when we’ve had a really beautiful treatment with Botox, it still behooves your provider to take a look at your face.  The way that things have developed and changed over time.

Maybe five years from now, 10 years from now, there may be other areas that it would be ideal for us to treat in order to keep your overall treatment looking balanced and beautiful.

Our muscles are smart.

Botox In Bunny Lines

For example if you’ve ever had a cast on a broken arm and you’ve taken the cast off, your muscle has atrophied.

When you start working again, that muscle comes right back, right? That muscle will come right back once you start working it out because our muscles have memory.

Our muscles will also really work together as groups. If you’ve had a cast on, you might notice other muscles. If you’ve had a cast on your lower arm, you might notice your upper arm kind of builds a little bit while that cast is on or that you notice that those muscles are really kind of working over time.

It’s because the partner muscles, those pairing muscles will try to compensate for muscles that aren’t working as well.

Our body is so smart.

Our body is going to find ways to really work those muscle groups together.

That happens with our Botox treatments of our upper face. We may over time see that our body has tried to compensate in other ways. We need to have conversations about how we could possibly treat those. Some people naturally have small wrinkles and those types of wrinkles on the top of their nose.

Your provider can determine number of Botox units to smooth out this common concern of expression lines. And will leave you with final results that are beautiful for you.

An effective bunny line treatment is just a few units of Botox for the diagonal wrinkles for desired results.

Remember, I am a doctor, but not necessarily your doctor. So this is really general information for you. Always consult your own experienced injector and provider.

Bunny Line Wrinkles

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