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Can You Fly After Botox

Can You Fly After Botox

Can You Fly After Botox

This is not medical advice. Always talk with your own healthcare provider and medical provider for any cosmetic treatment and medical treatments.

Can you fly after Botox? For the best possible results from your Botox injections, you can fly after Botox.

We actually have a couple patients who are flight attendants, fly frequently for their jobs and also fly to Blossom Medical for treatment.

One of the things that we tell people when they leave is to not apply pressure to any of the places that we’ve done Botox.

So what we mean by that is we don’t want you to rub. We don’t want you to wear hats. We don’t want you to do anything that may take the Botox that very specifically and strategically placed in a muscle and move it to a distant location or just spread it around so that you get a treatment result that you’re not happy with.

If you are on a long haul flight, make sure to sit upright for the first few hours.

Remember, in airplanes, our cabins are pressurized, so there’s absolutely zero worry that that Botox is going to get moved around by any flying pressure or any air pressure in a cabin as you’re flying.

Botox Aftercare Instructions

And so it’s important to keep those injected treatment area clean. We really don’t want you applying things over the skin and injection site. You do not want to be rubbing areas until that skin actually has an opportunity to heal itself as Botox patients.

We also want you to keep your head upright for the first hour and couple of hours.

Don’t apply makeup over the face and injected area afterwards to keep the area clean during the healing process. Of course, make sure to minimize sun exposure.

No vigorous physical exercise the day of Botox. You can exercise the next day as part of your normal physical activity, but avoid strenuous activities and strenuous exercise day of.

That first night, you can wash your face and sleep in any position.

Can I Fly After Botox

We do have some caveats for you because lots of times you’re hopping on a plane because you’re going on vacation for your travel plans.

Maybe you’re going to a destination event. Even sometimes people will want to get there, then have a Botox appointment done a couple of days before a wedding. Or travelling somewhere where they know they’re going to go to take family photos.

In those photos, they’re going to want to look and feel their best. If you have Botox treatment on your forehead lines, crow’s feet, fine lines, frown lines and treatment on your appearance of lines, make sure to discuss your travel plans with your overall goal of Botox.

If you are going on a vacation or taking photos, Botox takes approximately two weeks to reach its full effect. We know you’re really wanting your vacation photos where you feel great about yourself and have best results, plan out in advance. The final result will have you feeling beautiful.

That’s not for any difficulty with flying. It’s simply because your Botox procedure will have kind of reached its peak effect at that two week mark.

The other thing about flying maybe on a business trip or maybe flying for any other vacation for an extended period of time, we always offer patients an opportunity to come back if something has happened where maybe they’ve got some unevenness with their brow or they just need a little touchup Botox treatment dose.

If you are getting on a plane, recognize that we’re going to have to wait until you get back from wherever it is that you’re traveling.

If we need to make a touchup, touchups are best done at about the two to three week mark,

Can You Fly 24 Hours After Botox

Can you fly 24 hours after Botox?

Absolutely. The good news is we are not worried about it.

You’re not going to have any untoward effects from cabin pressure.

Who Will Inject Botox

If you’re planning on taking photos, you will want to look your best. Particularly on vacation or at an event that you’re traveling to!

It’s a good idea to plan on having your Botox done about two weeks ahead of time if you’re traveling for business. You will want to see the full effects of Botox for your treatment plan. Plan on coming back around the 3-4 months mark.

If you don’t mind going on that trip knowing that your Botox isn’t fully set up, we have zero concerns for you.

And always know that when you return, if you need any touch-ups, we are here for you and we’ll take care of you.  Your provider should be there for you to take care of you when you return from your trip as well.

Feel free to travel the friendly skies and don’t worry about any untoward effects for your Botox.


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