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Blossom Medical Skincare is medical grade skin care that is specifically formulated for our business to meet your skin care needs. To that end, we have meticulously hand-picked clinically effective skin care actives and formulations to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

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Our Blossom Medical Label is a unique medical grade skin care exclusive to our practice. You will only find these rejuvenating, refreshing formulations at Blossom Medical.

And we offer the ZO® Skin Health line of skincare products, an award-winning line of medical-grade products that lead the industry for attaining and maintaining good skin health.

For skincare, Blossom Medical Offers:

  • Exclusive Blossom Medical skincare products.
  • FDA-approved wrinkle relaxers and fillers.
  • Safe and effective laser procedures.
  • Gold standard micro needling service.
  • ZO® advanced skincare protocols and products.
  • Highly trained estheticians who make you look—and feel—beautiful.

What Medical-Grade Skincare Treats

Signs of aging

Skin tone

Skin laxity


Age/brown spots

Collagen loss


Acne & acne scarring

Other scarring

Sun damage/photodamage

Skin texture

Sunken cheeks

Under-eye hollows

Facial contours

Lip volume

Aging hands

Skin health maintenance

And more

What to Expect

The Medical Grade Skincare Process


Step 1

Your personal skincare journey at Blossom Medical starts with a one-on-one consultation. Your Blossom Medical provider will discuss your concerns, your goals for treatment, your medical history, and will thoroughly examine your treatment area(s). They’ll explain possible treatments, answering any questions you may have to determine which skincare product, treatment or combination of treatments best achieves your goals.


Step 2

Once your personalized treatment plan is put into place, you’ll arrive at Blossom Medical and receive the utmost in compassionate care and professional aesthetic services. Plus the products you receive have won awards for quality, innovation, and effectiveness. In Dr. Nieman’s own words, “Blossom Medical is the sweet spot for me, where art meets science and my medical skills can be used to help you feel like the best version of yourself.”


Step 3

Even after you’ve received your services and achieved your full results, we’re still here for you. The Blossom Medical team is always ready to answer your questions, share in your aesthetic victories, provide services to maintain your results, and help you discover other services to feel confident, happy, and comfortable in your own beautiful skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "medical-grade" mean?

Medical-grade skincare products are required to contain ingredients that are 99% pure. Also, medical-grade services must be conducted by, or be done directly under the supervision of, an actual doctor.

How do I know which service or products to choose?

During your consultation, you’ll discuss your skin concerns and realistic goals. Our years of professional medical and aesthetic experience will determine the right treatment or products to achieve your goals.

Do I have to go to Blossom Medical to get my medical-grade skincare products?

That’s part of the beauty of your beauty: you order ZO® Skin Health products through our portal for fast delivery, and great results!

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