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Can You Get A Facial After Botox

Can You Get A Facial After Botox

Can you get a Facial After Botox? How Long After Botox Can You Get A Facial?

Can You Get A Facial After Botox

This is not medical advice. Always talk with your own healthcare provider and medical provider for any cosmetic treatment and medical treatments.

For best results, get your facial before your Botox treatment. At Blossom Medical, ask your aesthetician can do your facial first. Then you can go from the aesthetician room to your provider’s room to have your Botox done afterwards.

Botox is specifically injected into a muscle where we want it to do its work in the right place. We are so precise so you can get excellent results with your effective treatment.

We are putting Botox in a treated area where we want it to work. With the Botox injections, we want it to stay right where it’s put and in targeted muscles.  Then, the Botox injection site quiets down that signal from the nerve to the muscle cell.

You are going to have a beautifully, natural, lifted, bright result. That is our goal.

And so after we inject Botox, we do not want that injection to be moved around very much.

At a facial, we have enjoyed that wonderful moment where our aesthetician is massaging our face, massaging in creams, giving us just a facial muscles massage. And we can relax!

But if you have your Botox appointment and then you’re wondering when you can get a facial afterwards?

How Long After Botox Can You Get A Facial

Facials are utter bliss. But the moment it’s not utter bliss is if your is moving your Botox to an unwanted area. You may get a result that you do not want. You do not want your Botox from a facial massage to move to different areas from where it was intended to be placed.

Here is where the scientific evidence is in a little bit of a gray zone.

When Botox is injected into the muscle, it takes probably about one hour on average to be taken up by that nerve cell terminal. One to three hours is the range that science and literature tells us it takes for that Botox to be taken up by that nerve cell terminal.

Then the Botox is going to do its job in the nerve cell terminal to decrease the signal to a muscle to contract one to three hours.

That’s what we know from science.

It is why your injector or person that you see in the office says, I’d like you to be upright for a couple of hours post-treatment when you leave. That is the timeframe where we know that Botox is potentially moved or spread to a different area.

Once that Botox is in that nerve cell terminal and doing its job, you can’t really massage it outside of that nerve terminal from the injection areas.

That Botox effect goes away in three to four months.

How Soon After Botox Can You Get A Facial

Sometimes when you have a Botox treatment with a really amazing professional who’s doing your treatment and they do an injection, you may end up with maybe some asymmetry. Asymmetry happens that needs to be corrected.

If you had a facial appointment right immediately after, a day after or two days after, there’s a possibility that both you and your injector are going to be wondering. Was it the injection sites?

When your provider is making your plan to go forward, is it the way that they injected? Was it the amount? Was it the fact that you had your Botox?

We call those in science confounding variables.

Now we’ve added a bunch of variables to our pot that we’ve stirred around. Is that why we had an outcome that we didn’t expect? Or was it just that the Botox placement was off? Did it have something to do with the facial or not?

This is why it is a gray area. There are no good scientific studies that tell us exactly the amount of time to wait until you have a facial after your Botox treatment.

Can I Get A Facial 2 Days After Botox

The best advice is if you know you want to have a facial and Botox, have your facial first.

Then, have your Botox immediately following.

If you had your Botox procedure first and wanted to have a facial, on the conversative side to wait a week.

After the week recovery time, then come back and have your facial.

There would be no question of whether or not any massage that happened from your facial or any result on the result that you got from your Botox treatment. And avoids unwanted side effects to give you best possible results. It also avoids movement of Botox into unintended areas from the massaging of the area from the facial.

That is a conservative just estimate for you. And that is something that we can live with at night because we really like to take great care of my patients.

At Blossom Medical, we want patients to have amazing outcomes. We also want to have good information as a provider to patients going forward.

If we got a perfect result with your effects of Botox, then we know that that’s a really great results of your treatment for you to have going forward in the future.

Sometimes when we try our best for a patient, we have a little brow that needs a little brow asymmetry that needs to be fixed. That’s something we want to know so we can make an adjustment.

Every treatment that we do in the future, we can make sure that your treatment is the best from the get go.

For you having the best treatment and full results, wait a week and then have your facial. The waiting periods will give you the best results of Botox.

How Many Days After Botox Can You Get A Massage?

Some massage therapy places will have rules that they follow or protocols in place where they will want to actually perform your massage after you’ve had Botox.  That may be specific from location to location.

From your Botox treatment and having a massage scheduled, we would recommend you wait at least 24 hours for optimal results to prevent Botox moving into unwanted areas from a massage.

Then, inform your provider who is giving you your massage. Let them know that you had Botox done the day prior and they can follow their own spa or salons just protocols in order to give you the best service that day.

Botox Aftercare Instructions

Botox aftercare instructions are to avoid strenuous activities, physical activity and strenuous exercise after your Botox appointment. The next day you can exercise and resume normal activities. Avoid hot showers after your treatment.

Call the office to talk more about laser treatments, dermal fillers, if you have sun damage and other skin treatments.

And so it’s important to keep those injected treatment area clean. We really don’t want you applying things over the skin and injection site. You do not want to be rubbing areas until that skin actually has an opportunity to heal itself as Botox patients.

We also want you to keep your head upright for the first hour and couple of hours.

Don’t apply makeup over the face and injected area afterwards to keep the area clean during the healing process. Of course, make sure to minimize sun exposure.

No vigorous physical exercise the day of Botox. You can exercise the next day as part of your normal physical activity, but avoid strenuous activities and strenuous exercise day of.

That first night, you can wash your face and sleep in any position.


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