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Can You Tan After Botox

Can You Tan After Botox

Can You Tan After Botox

This is not medical advice. Always talk with your own healthcare provider and medical provider for any cosmetic treatment and medical treatments.

For the best possible results, wait one day after having Botox to get a spray tan.

Our Botox is concentrated so that it doesn’t spread very much. It stays exactly where we inject it or stays very close to where we inject it.

If you were to leave the office and decide that you needed to exfoliate the surface of your skin on your face before you applied any tanner, you could potentially during the exfoliation process move some of that product around.  This could potentially lead to an unwanted Botox result when the effects of Botox sets over the next two weeks.

In addition if you did not wait a day, it’s possible that you could have an unwanted tanning result. You could have a patchy tan based on the amount of penetration that you would get with your product.

There’s also the risk that you might have an unwanted Botox results if you did exfoliate after your Botox was placed in your skin. Exfoliations could led to Botox moving to unintended areas.

There’s a potential to have an unwanted outcome for both a Botox result and tanning result if you were to try to tan directly after your Botox treatment.

Giving one day is a good idea to give enough time in between your Botox and self tanning for optimal treatment results.

Can You Go Tanning After Botox

If you’re the kind of person who loves to have a little bit of color and wants to know if you can spray tan after Botox? Or if you use an at-home self tanner, let’s talk about what you should do and planning it with your Botox.

Planning: A lot of patients get a day off of work and they want to get everything done. (Can you relate?!) So they want to have their hair appointment. Squeeze in their tan. They maybe want to have their facial. And want to have their Botox appointment. A day off to run a couple of errands.

Having a day off, they’re trying to squeeze everything in.

And although I applaud you for trying to squeeze everything in, sometimes when we’re getting either Botox or injectables, we have to take a step back and look at the long-term results that we want. We want the best results overall from Botox and our injectables.

Can I Tan After Botox

In the world of what we know about UVA and UVB exposure versus doing a self tan, we 100% in support of you using a self tanner with DHA,

We have lots of safety data and we have lots of studies that support using a self self tanner.

If you’re a person who really just likes that golden brown color and you love the way a tan looks, avoiding direct sun exposure and using self tanner is a great solution. Wait until the day after your Botox or filler appointment for your best results.

Can You Tan In Tanning Bed After Botox

Can you tan in tanning bed after Botox? Under no circumstances should you ever visit a tanning bed or sun bed.

Going to a tanning bed once increases your risk of skin cancer by over 20 fold times.

There are so many incredible self tanners than can provide great results without having to use a tanning bed.

Can I Get A Spray Tan After Botox

If we take a Botox needle to puncture through the surface of the skin, we now have a channel that’s going from the surface of the skin all the way down to muscle.

If we’re injecting filler, it depends if we’re placing filler more superficially or deeper.

With Botox and filler, we’ve left kind of an open door, right?

Those little channels need to have the opportunity to go ahead, heal and close up.

It takes at the very least about an hour, sometimes maybe one to three hours, to close.

If you apply your spray tanner or self tanner directly after Botox or filler, you’re now allowing that product to potentially penetrate deeper into the skin than the surrounding areas.

You may end up:

1) With an unwanted outcome from your tanner because you might have some uneven tanning where those needle or poke marks were.

2) You could potentially have some areas that are a little bit darker and just look uneven.

3) We always talk about some of the concerns with moving that Botox treated areas around.

We are going to place Botox injections in a very specific part of the muscle where we want that muscle to quiet down.

Filler: Not so much worried about you moving the dermal fillers around, but would be worried about those open channels of those treatment areas.

Of course, open channels in the skin are always a risk for not only your chemical that DHA down deeper in the skin than we would want it to go.  Also, it’s always also a site for infection. It’s a site for any complications that could go on and when we have a break in the skin.

Botox Aftercare Instructions

And so it’s important to keep those injected treatment area clean. Not only with Tanner, but even with makeup and your makeup brushes if you haven’t cleaned them in a while.

We really don’t want you applying things over the skin and injection site. You do not want to be rubbing areas until that skin actually has an opportunity to heal itself as Botox patients.

We also want you to keep your head upright for the first hour and couple of hours.

Don’t apply makeup over the face and injected sites afterwards to keep the area clean during the healing process.

No vigorous exercise the day of Botox. You can exercise the next day as part of your normal activities, but avoid strenuous activities and strenuous exercise day of.

That first night, you can wash your face and sleep in any position.

For the best possible results and beautiful results, wait one day after having Botox procedure to get a spray tan.

Can you Spray Tan After Botox

Avoid excessive sun exposure.

If you love that golden brown color, get your skin prepared by a little exfoliation.

The ZO Exfoliating Polish is absolutely amazing for exfoliation before your self tanner.

For optimal results, we recommend this on a weekly basis for our patients and used as part of your daily routine for skincare.

The ZO Exfoliating Polish helps all of your products penetrate the skin better so you get greater efficacy with your active ingredients. But this is a great prep for a self tanner.

The Exfoliating Polish smells amazing!  It really does a beautiful job gently exfoliating the surface layer of the skin to really help you get a better tan. It also helps all of your active skincare products really do their job because they’re able to penetrate the outer layers of the skin and get to the targets to improve skin.

Appearance Of Fine Lines

To combat appearance of fine lines, always wear sunscreen. ZO Skin Smart is an SPF 50. It really gives you just an antioxidant boost. And protects your skin from those free radicals, the things that can cause skin damage.

You get protection from the SPF, but you also get protection from the antioxidant boost in this product as well.

It comes in a pump and it’s got a little bit of a color to it.  The color is called Smart Tone because it will just blend in. It will match most skin tones except for our darkest Fitzpatrick skin tones.

In addition, it is a really nice primer to wear underneath any other makeup. It has a little bit of that just sunscreen-ish fragrance to it, but it’s kind of a flash. It will go away in about a minute or two.

ZO also makes ZO Gel Sunscreen. This is also an SPF 50. It has the most silky, wonderful texture that sinks right into the skin evenly. You cannot even see that on the skin, just has a little bit of a sheer kind of glow to it.

If you love the look of glowy, dewy skin, ZO Gel Sunscreen is perfect for you for a fresh face!

Who Will Inject Botox

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable.

Please don’t invest your money in Botox, invest your money in filler and don’t invest any money in a sunscreen.

Sunscreen is the best insurance policy to protect your skin.

Protect all of the things that you’re investing in by purchasing and having a Botox treatment or purchasing filler.

More Youthful Appearance

Wearing sunscreen helps with a more youthful appearance to prevent sun damage.

What if I’m at lunch with my friends? What if I’m out in an event in the day and I can’t rinse my makeup on? ZO Sunscreen + Powder Broad-Spectrum SPF 45 has those antioxidant effect. It has those antioxidant ingredients that are going to help to protect the skin from free radicals, from that sun, just damage from the things that you’re encountering, even the pollution that you’re encountering in your environment.

It’s in a brush and it’s in a powder. You can just brush it on right over your makeup. It’s going to melt into your other makeup. It’s going to give you extra hours of protection for your skin, your precious skin from the sun.

Dr. Nieman keeps one in the console of my car. She’s often out at sporting events, kids’ games and kids’ practices. It was sunny or it was rainy in the morning, and then the sun comes out in the afternoon, she is always prepared.

If you live in Winchester, Virginia, you can stop by Blossom Medical to pick all of the above skincare products up.

If you don’t live near Winchester, Virginia, we do offer online skincare consultations. We’ll go over your whole skincare program with you. We will make some recommendations. And we can ship directly to your door.

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