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Grow in Confidence and in Wellness

From our non-surgical in-office procedures, to medical-grade products that support your goals, Blossom Medical provides every avenue for looking your best in the most welcoming, comfortable and safe environment possible.

Our consultations take the time to discover what’s important to you, including your goals and your treatment options. We provide a full spectrum of services to help you be the best version of yourself.

Comfort, Safety, and Luxury

Even though aesthetic procedures can be something to look forward to, patients can be nervous or have anxiety during the procedure and the results afterwards.

At Blossom Medical, we take measures to ensure your physical and emotional comfort. From music playing to aromatherapy, we offer a calming space for your procedure. We’re with you every step of the way.

Meet Dr. Lynn Nieman

An Anesthesiologist With a Passion for Helping People

Lynn Nieman, MD, is a Board Certified anesthesiologist who trained extensively through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in a fellowship for Aesthetic Medicine.

Dr Nieman always wanted to open a medspa. She saw it as a way to combine her artistic background and compassionate bedside manner into a place where patients could grow in confidence, enhancing overall wellness and health.

In pursuit of her dream, she has had the good fortune to train under Sharon McQuillan, MD, President of the New You Medical Training institute, as well as advanced training from Allergan and MedAesthetic. Dr. Nieman attended the Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed her residency at the University of Texas Health Science center in San Antonio.

With much hard work learning the required skillsets and tremendous support from her medical peers, Lynn opened Blossom Medical.

“Blossom Medical is the sweet spot for me, where art meets science and my medical skills can be used to help you feel like the best version of yourself.” – Dr. Nieman

Our Values



Consultations are the cornerstone of our practice, and understanding your goals is the foundation. Aftercare, including follow-up visits and answering questions, are included in the cost of your procedure.



Blossom Medical’s menu of services supports your aesthetic, health, and wellness needs. Together, we can build a customized treatment plan that is as unique as you are.



Dr. Nieman’s extensive experience has made Blossom Medical a source for industry training for RNs, PAs, NPs, and MDs. Rest assured that all providers at Blossom are experienced, certified practitioners who continue taking courses to learn the very latest techniques.



Our emphasis on education and safety ensures your comfort and trust as we work to achieve your goals. Dr. Nieman’s background in anesthesia makes her keenly focused on safety and the well-being of her patients.

Our Team

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Patient and Practice Coordinator

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Aesthetic Assistant

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