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Alcohol After Botox

Alcohol After Botox

Can you workout after Botox? How long after Botox can you work out? Should you exercise after Botox? How soon after Botox can you exercise? Answering all work out after Botox questions.

This post is about alcohol after Botox.

Alcohol After Botox

This is not medical advice. Always talk with your own healthcare provider and medical provider for any cosmetic treatment and medical treatments.

Alcohol After Botox

Can you drink alcohol after Botox? How long after Botox can you have alcohol after? Answering all the Botox and alcohol after questions.

This post is about alcohol after Botox.

Alcohol After Botox

This is not medical advice. Always talk with your own healthcare provider and medical provider for any cosmetic treatment and medical treatments.

You’ve had your Botox treatment and you’re going out later that night maybe with your husband, your boyfriend or your friends. A common question is it okay for me to go ahead and have a drink, a cocktail or a glass of wine with dinner?

Fillers are a different kind of injectable treatment than Botox.  We recommend to Blossom Medical patients if they’re coming in for fillers, to be aware of your alcohol consumption the week before you come in for your procedure.

And if you’re having Botox, we are a little less worried because of the needles that we’re using are smaller, thinner and shorter. Botox has less risk of bruising entirely with your Botox appointment. We still want you to be aware of your alcoholic beverages and consumption before your procedure.

Does Drinking Alcohol After Botox Make It Less Effective

Two Main Reasons why you need to be aware of alcoholic drinks before Botox for optimal results:

1) One reason is that alcohol consumption can do a couple of things to your circulation.  Botox actually can cause acutely so when you are drinking it cause something that’s a little vasodilation, what that means is that your blood vessels expand a little bit. That makes it easier to bruise in general with those expanded blood vessels.

2) And the other thing is that alcohol consumption, even moderate alcohol consumption or regular alcohol consumption, can change the clotting factors that your body makes.  That can make it that you’re more prone to bruising and longer time of recovery.

So even not long-term chronic alcoholism, but just short-term bursts of drinking alcohol can change your overall clotting factors. Those clotting factors in treated areas can make an impact on your bruising after a Botox procedure.

If you know you’re coming in for fillers or Botox, try to abstain in the week prior to your treatment or really be very mild. Maybe one glass of wine in the whole week before you come in for your treatment for best results and healing process.

Remember, Dr. Nieman is a doctor, but not your doctor. Your situation may be very specific and that’s something to talk about with your specific physician when you have your Botox treatment done.

After Botox Can You Drink Alcohol

We use very small, tiny needle, a nano needle, for Blossom Medical patients. It’s incredibly small.

The possibility of bruising with that needle and with that treatment is actually very low. And I also use something called an AccuVein. Some patients who have skin where we definitely can see vasculature underneath or in areas around the eye where we are concerned about any vessels. We use a tool to see where those vessels are kind of coursing underneath the skin so we can plan treatment around where those blood vessels are.

There are things we can do as Botox providers to reduce your risk of bruising from Botox injections. We don’t expect or anticipate a lot of bruising.

When we have a filler treatment that might be just a little bit different based on where we’re treating and the kind of strategy that we’re using in order to treat that area for fantastic results.

We are not as worried about bruising as we are with a filler treatment.

When you leave Blossom Medical, we typically see some bruising from a Botox treatment. If you are going to get some bruising, might be a spot where there was just a little bit of some oozing in an area or something that happened where we held a little bit of pressure and that stopped.

Can You Drink Alcohol After Botox

We always tell Blossom Medical patients that you might get a little bit of a bruise in that area as results of your treatment. Typically that doesn’t happen with a Botox treatment.  When it does, we always let patients know.

If there was an area where you are concerned about some bruising, we would say that day to not drink any alcohol as a common rule. We don’t want any undesirable side effects of alcohol consumption, particularly if you have a big event coming up.

By and large, if there is no concern and leave the office without any underlying bruising, there is not a contraindication.

You are not going to do anything that would change the effectiveness of Botox treatment by having a glass of wine or a cocktail with dinner that night. So typically at Blossom Medical, we give patients the instruction that it’s absolutely fine to have a drink with dinner that night if that’s something that they desire to do in the face of not having any complications earlier in their procedure.

Obviously, you have your own provider and talk with them.

If you do have some bruising or you’ve noticed something after your procedure that you’re concerned about if you have alcohol or continued alcohol consumption, there may be a slightly increased risk of you having worsening of your bruising from Botox results.

The risk is very low with Botox treatments because the needles we use are very small and there are things that we can do as providers to check for vascular topography. We are doing our best job to give you the best possible results and to help reduce and mitigate the risk at the time of our treatments for you.

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