Training With Blossom Medical

Dr. Nieman offers shadowing experiences and one-on-one training for RNs, PAs, NPs and MDs who would like to learn more about non-invasive facial aesthetics. Candidates should reach out to Dr. Nieman to discuss areas of interest.

Available Training Includes

Botox Basics
Botox Shadowing
Fundamentals of Injectables
Use of Cannula with Injectables
Lip Filler

Cancellation Policy

Your time is valuable to us! We want you to have the best possible experience at Blossom Medical, so we do our best to reserve the appropriate amount of time with your provider to help you achieve the outcomes you desire. Also, our providers are reserving their time and attention for YOU! With that in mind, to hold your appointment, we require a deposit. Your deposit can be applied towards any treatment or product at Blossom Medical. If you need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded as long as you cancel 48-hours in advance before your appointment was scheduled to start:

  • For 30-minute Botox appointments deposit $75
  • For new patients and one-hour filler appointments, the deposit is $150

You must call the office to cancel your appointment (540.323.7254) or text 540.303.7449. Should an emergency arise, please let us know at any time.