What Is The Blossom Medical Story?

In January of 2019, I went on a mission trip through an organization called Community Coalition for Haiti with a group of nurses, surgical technicians, and physicians to perform much needed surgical procedures and general medical exams in Jacmel, Haiti. The group was led by Dr. Laurie Dabinett, who is a both an excellent surgeon and generous spirit. Dr. Kristin DeHaven, an absolute gem of a person and surgeon, also volunteered her medical skills and was my roommate. I feel very proud of the 35 surgeries we safely completed while we were there. I also thank God for the many hands and hearts that contributed to the patients’ care that week.

Sometimes when you are miles from home and in unfamiliar surroundings you get to be the most like yourself…no kids, no spouse, no abruptly ended conversations because someone needs dropped off or picked up. You know…busy mom stuff. It had been years since I had the time to have late night talks with girlfriends about life and kids and aspirations. It was during one of those late-night talks that I spoke it out into the universe, “I would like to learn more about medical aesthetics and one day open a Medical Spa.”

My secret was out. I could not take it back.

I have always been interested in beauty and skin care (I worked for Prescriptives in NYC for some time), and I love science. I thought opening a med spa one day would be an amazing dream come true where I could help people feel good about themselves.

The thing is, when you say stuff out loud to a group of supportive women with “can-do” attitudes, doors open up. You get invited to the table to talk about sharing office space. You get introductions to amazing plastic surgeons who help to mentor you. You get exposure to business consultants and people who know what it means to start a new medical practice. You get legions of cheerleaders who say, “We believe in you, go for it!”

So, I did.

Thanks to Dr. Dabinett’s and Dr. DeHaven’s unwavering support, I have spent over a year working diligently to add the medical aesthetic skillset I needed to my experienced hands so that I could bring the best and safest care to what is now Blossom Medical. And now, I am happy to share my knowledge, my passion, and my artistic eye with you. Blossom Medical is the sweet spot for me, where art meets science and my medical skills can be used to help you feel like the best version of yourself.

I want you to have the same kind of supportive relationship, so, below are a few promises for you that are the tenants of Blossom Medical:

  • You will always see me at your appointments. (I am the only injector)
  • We will review your medical history (bring your medication list with you if you need to).
  • THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT! We will talk about your aesthetic goals. Everyone is unique and beautiful in his or her own special way. Our job is to make a treatment plan that enhances YOU, and makes you feel good.
  • We will always discuss your medical plan, and I promise to answer your questions before we proceed.
  • You can feel secure that I understand that physical appearance, self-confidence and self-esteem are intimately related. My goal is your satisfaction and happiness.
  • I am obsessive about safety. We will talk about this, too.

If you are looking to try an aesthetic procedure, or would like to find out more, I encourage you to schedule a consultation where we can meet face-to-face, and I can answer your questions.

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